[Integration] Forward Mail Body to JIRA issue

Hi there,

Our goal is to create JIRA issues (incl. detailed information) from PD incidents which have been created via the PD e-mail integration.

We have already successfully set up both the mail and the JIRA integration such that JIRA issues are automatically created whenever an e-mail is sent to our PD mail-address.

Though the problem we are still facing is to pass the information from the mail to the JIRA integration.
In detail, the JIRA integration cannot access the body field of the PD incident which contains all the detailed information which have been extracted from the mail.
We can only access the description field, which is normally used when you create an PD incident manually. But unfortunately the mail integration is not using the description but body field to store the information from the mail.

We are now looking for a solution to overcome this mismatch. From our point of view there are two possibilities:

  1. The mail integration stores the mail-body in the description field of a PD incident.
  2. The JIRA integration can access the body field in PD incidents.

Unfortunately we yet haven’t found a way to achieve either 1 or 2.

We appreciate any support to help us to find a solution!

Thank you very much in advance!



Hi Niklas,

As you have mentioned, we do not have an out of the box solution to forward the email body of the emails triggering PagerDuty incidents into Jira issues.

We do have an open feature request with our Product team which I’ve added your interest for as well!

You may want to look into the REST API from PagerDuty and see how you could create a script to create issues using this or the generic webhooks to create Jira issues with instead of the V4 Jira server integration.