Individual schedule and holidays


According to this scenario:

How to deal with the holidays for Liam?

Schedule an override towards Max is bad as Max is already on-call (I assume Max will be notified twice).
And there is no way to suspend Liam’s schedule from the escalation policy on a period.


Hi Sébastien,

Naomi, Liam, and Max are on-call outside of business hours 1700-0800 and should all be notified at the same time.

If Liam will need time off but Naomi and Max will remain on call, you could override Liam’s shift with Naomi or Max. The Escalation Policy will recognize that the override user is on call on the same level twice and will not send double notifications. Liam will not be notified, and Naomi and Max will each receive notifications as usual based on their notification rules.

Hope this helps clarify!



OK. Thanks Hannah, it’s clearer.