incidents-responders in List Incidents API are empty

Hi all,

I’ve been creating simple script that calls List Incidents API (DOCS:

The incidents_responders field is always returning empty array. How to get them?
Also (if List Incidents API are cannot get incidents_responders) which API then?

Thank you!

Update 1:
I tried to add responders manually, and the API now returns the manually added responders. Is it need to be added manually to get responders detail?

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Hi, I have had similar struggles receiving responder/user/assignee information from the incidents API. I have worked around this by also retrieving the logs and extracting the data from there. I know this is far form ideal but I hope it helps.

Hi Raditya! I just tested this and it seems you need to specify that you want to include the assignees and acknowledgers in your query, like so:

curl --request GET '[]=assignees,acknowledgers'

When including these query params I’m able to see the incident_responders in the response. I hope this helps!

Luke S.
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