If we use a Single PagerDuty service to link with 2 different integrations - it does not work

I have a 24/7 PagerDuty Service named AppDynamics Production.
This service is used to get the alerts from both AppDynamics and JIRA server.
This integration has worked in past. But today there was a big issue.
There was a critical JIRA incident ticket which came in our queue, but PagerDuty did not trigger.
Rather , it linked that Critical JIRA issue with an old resolved PagerDuty alet and Incident and hence there was no trigger and we missed the SLA of that critical JIRA incident.
Please help to fix this issue urgently

Hi Ravi,

For looking into such a specific issue, I would recommend reaching out to us over email at support@pagerduty.com.

I believe we do have a ticket open with you already and can see that it is being investigated currently.

Please expect a reply back shortly

Please share your response soon