I need to be able to send parameters to the new schedules page (schedules-new)

Hi there,

Since a few days ago, the schedules page redirects to schedules-new and this causes some headaches for us since we can set bookmarks to a pre-filtered page.
Our org has hundreds of rotations defined, my team has about 10 and we created a short link that was redirecting to: https://domain.pagerduty.com/schedules#?query=team_name&limit=10&offset=0 and this would display the status of all the oncall rotations, who is now, who will be, etc.
On the new page we can add parameters so the redirect now takes us to a list of hundreds of rotations and we have to filter it manually.
Please add some parameters to the schedules-new page to be able to do this quick filtering.

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I’d like to add my voice to this here as well. Being able to deep link specific views, results, or targets is part of what makes managing instances with hundreds of objects possible. At last count the instance I admin holds 650+ schedules.

Hi there! Annette from the Support team here. Just wanted to let you both know that we’ve seen your feedback and passed it on to our Product team. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help!