How to trigger an incident workflow from Slack?

Where can I find exact steps to create an incident using Slack workflows?
I’d like our support folks to be able to trigger a pagerduty incident, however they don’t need/have PD licenses and can’t use /pd trigger command.

Slack integration article link to incident creation seems to be broken:

Yes, that’s my experience too. The documentation seems to be outdated. What’s worse (after I muddle through), it still seems to insist that the Slack user triggering the workflow have a PD license – which is the whole reason I’m engaging with this process in the first place.

There is this document…

Which includes a section indicating how users without a license can create a PD incident. However, the incident will go to a predefined service

This documentation is incorrect, unfortunately. As Nathan said above, despite the document explicitly saying: “This option is useful for employees who do not have PagerDuty licenses” the workflow can solely be used by Slack users with PD accounts.