How to send a notification if an incident is not acknowledged


I want to send an e-mail notification to a team member if an incident is not acknowledged by the user who is in the on-call schedule?

Can someone help me , How to do this in PagerDuty?
let me know if you need additional details. Thanks !

Hello Kota,

PagerDuty is not employed in the way you are intending to. An option would be to employ the use of Chat Ops like Slack, MS Teams which PagerDuty has active integrations with. They could be used for such internal communication.


Most of the time we’d put that person (team lead, manager, etc) on a higher level of the escalation policy. Having an escalation policy like this gives the local team a few chances to address the incident before notifying management.

Layer 1: Team Primary On-Call
Layer 2: Team Secondary On-Call
Layer 3: Team Lead
Layer 4: Manager
Layer 5: Sr Manager/Director
Layer 6: Executive

There isn’t a way to notify someone outside of this without some external script/automation actively watching the incident and taking action.