How to create two services using same rotation but with offset

We want to have two separate services, and the ask is that there will be two services.
The first service is an On-Call Engineer on a weekly rotation. At the end of the 1st week, the on-call engineer will become a support engineer for his second week and will help onboard the on-call engineer and will continue as a support engineer for the second week and will help close the issues that are still not isolated or mitigated from his shift as on call engineer.

This is not a primary vs secondary as this is a separate role. I want to use the same rotation with an offset so that the on-call engineer transitions to support the engineer for the second week using the same rotation.

Hello @ganesh.agrawal!

In your example, can you please clarify what would be the difference between the on-call engineer and the support engineer?

I ask because a user in a (PagerDuty) Team is always part of the team and will have visibility on the active tickets and will be able to work on closing the incident - this is what I assume you refer to the support engineer. The difference is that this person is not the first responder for a specific incident that is triggered, the on-call engineer is. The on-call engineer can always loop in whoever he needs on an active incident.

If I understood correctly, and because you are talking about 2 different services, this could easily be set up with 2 escalation policies (1 per service) following a weekly rotation where User A is supporting Service A the first week and Service B the next week (repeated forever), and User B is supporting Service B the first week and Service A the next week (also repeated forever). Would that make sense?