🎓 Get Certified for FREE at Summit

From introductory to advanced classes through the final exam, boost your knowledge in hands-on training sessions—and get certified as an official Incident Responder.

The PagerDuty Certified Incident Responder examination is intended for individuals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively demonstrate an overall understanding of the Incident Command System and Incident Response Process. PagerDuty University at Summit attendees will receive a link and code that gives them 30 days to take the certification exam and receive a badge and certificate. After Summit, the courses and certification will have an associated fee.

Becoming a certified Incident Responder is a recommended, optional step toward gaining knowledge and best practices to better the Incident Response process in organizations.

Absolutely looking forward to this

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Excited to see you there David! You will be a bit ahead of the game as we will be having some fun interactivity for these sessions right here in the forums :slight_smile:

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Thiss is great looking forward to this tomorrow!


It looks like the following sessions are recommended for this?

  • Incident Command System 101
  • Incident Command System 201
  • Post Mortem Workshop

How do I take the Incident Responder Certification - Core Competencies exam? Didn’t receive any link to it.

Hey everyone! Thank you for the great presentation yesterday on ICS 101 & 201.

I haven’t received any links with recorded sessions, slides and exam registration. Is there any update on this?

Excellent opportunity, thank you!

I did not receive the certification links but did attend the Summit.

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Awesome! I look forward to taking, and hopefully passing, the exams!

Thank you for this opportunity!

I have successfully passed the Certified Incident Commander exam.

Thank you PagerDuty!

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I have passed my exam :slight_smile:

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So I have finished my Incident Responder, and Pagerduty Practitioner foundation exams and passed. It was just the two exams right, I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss one.

That’s correct @dheinz! Congratulations on your new certifications! :tada:

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is it difficult , I watched the videos only?

Read below sites and you should pass:


You’ve got this! There are a few videos you can watch prior to the test. If you’re like me and printed material is better there are also three PDFs for review.

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I would recommend reading the sites that were mentioned by @VV0JCIECH. It helps emphasize, and reinforce, a lot of the concepts that the videos for ICS101, ICS201 and PM100 convey but adds an additional layer of understanding to the topics. Additionally, if you have access to the collateral from PagerDuty Summit or the recorded webinars, they have some information that is worth looking over as well.

If you have a good handle on the information from all three sources, you will do just fine!

Good luck!

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