Future-ready guide: June 2023

PagerDuty has added tremendous value to the platform in the last twelve months, and plans to deliver much more in the coming months. How can you take full advantage of the platform today and prepare yourself for the next wave of innovations? This guide will point you to key updates in the platform and where to get started in adopting these features:


Demo Round-up:

Generative AI-powered capabilities

API Scopes: Admins will be able to limit the scope of API level access to PagerDuty resources.


New AIOps Product

  • Read the launch blog
  • Check out the product tour here
  • Watch the demo

Flexible Time Window for Intelligent Alert Grouping

Global Event Orchestration

Process Automation

New Process Automation architecture

Incident Response

Recent updates

Incident Workflows

Status Update Notification Templates

Custom Fields on Incidents

New Schedule Detail View


  • Read the KB article on the Incident Activity report

Customer Service Ops


Status Pages

CSOps for ServiceNow CSM

Which features are you most excited to try out? Is there anything we can help you get started with?

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