Fresh Press: Two Ways Incident Responders Can Make Sense of Kubernetes

Our very own @mandi.walls wrote a super interesting piece on The News Stack about the importance of service ownership and process automation on enabling responders to manage incidents and reduce time spent on manual tasks and escalation.

After reading the article, stop by and share your thoughts with us! Here are some pointers to guide your testimonial (but please feel free to share whatever you feel like about the topic) :grin:

:bulb:What tools and processes you recommend for managing K8s environments effectively?
:bulb: Do you already put Mandiโ€™s tips into practice? Which do you think is more efficient?
:bulb:Process automation: how can it help incident responders handle incidents without always involving specialized K8s engineers?
:bulb: Share a challenge you faced when trying to diagnose and resolve issues in K8s applications or services

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