Faster paging / shorter mttr

Hello everybody,

I’m wondering if you have suggestions to reduce the time between incidents and pages. We have a 10 minute ‘lag’ because of the communication delay between AWS and New Relic, and New Relic and PagerDuty. I’m assuming moving to a cloudwatch integration would be faster, but perhaps there is something I haven’t considered. I would love to hear your ideas before undergoing a huge transition of alerts from New Relic to Cloudwatch.

Hi Elmedin!

We’re unable to do much in regards to the delays between AWS and New Relic, but we should be able to check if there are any delays in processing between New Relic and PagerDuty.

If you would like PagerDuty Support to assist, please reach out to us at so we can request the information needed in order for us to investigate. Cheers!

AWS Cloudwatch and/or AWS Eventbridge would be something to look at. It looks like New Relic has AWS Eventbridge support as well.

What’s causing the 10 min delay in AWS --> New Relic? Do you have some kind of delay there with hopes for self-healing/remediation before sending the alert notification? If so, rethinking that may be one thing to consider. PagerDuty can do this for you if you have our advanced Event Intelligence feature entitlements.

Thank you both for the quick answer.
@nadinej I will contact support to take a look into our setup.
@dmcclure It’s not an intentional lag, but the mere communucation between services, data being sent, that takes time. Hence we are looking into ways to shorten those delays if possible.