Events API - Event Grouping into Incident

Would be great for the events api to have a grouping_key so that similar alerts can be grouped under the same incident. dedup_key seems to send the first event and all subsequent ones with the same key are discarded rather than grouped.

I would like a grouping key as sometimes there are times where you want all alerts from a single node grouped if they came in together.

time based grouping only offers so much, while it will group all incidents within x minutes you cannot provide additional criteria. such as group on time and node. Intelligent grouping takes too much time to train in this way.

Hi Bradford,

Many thanks for this. I have raised it as as Feature Request with the Product Team for consideration.


Brad -

Iā€™d recommend that you reach out to your account team and share this feedback. They can share upcoming product enhancements and early access details that may help you with this request.