Event rules and Azure alerts webhook


Maybe I’m slightly confused after going through the documentation on global event rules. I have many Azure-based services that I would like to integrate with PagerDuty using an event rule. I’m able to integrate each service individually by creating a new Azure service integration, like the docs suggest, and then push App Insights alerts via webhook.

Now, I’m trying to do this using a global event rule instead. Basically, I want Azure to send App Insights alerts to the one global integration, and based on some field conditions, forward it to a service instead of doing it individually for each service.

I’ve already created a new ruleset for my team under my organization, and I see that there is an integration key that was generated. How would I configure my webhook URL in Azure to send App Insights alerts to this global integration? Out of the three options, I see a raw integration key, an email address and an Events API URL. When I integrated each service manually, the URL included the integration key as a path parameter. Based on the Events API docs, it looks like I need to put the integration key as a payload field, but i don’t want to change the payload that Azure generates using its alert schema.

Has anyone accomplished this, or have any ideas?

Hi Mike,

The endpoint url for using Global Event Rules with Azure will be: https://events.pagerduty.com/x-ere/[YOUR_INTEGRATION_KEY_HERE]

You will need to replace the [YOUR_INTEGRATION_KEY_HERE] with the raw global integration key found through Configuration -> Event Rules -> Incoming Event Source. This way, you will not need to change the payload.