Escalating to multiple teams


We setup escalation policy which involves escalation to multiple teams at the same time, but we have a trouble with acknowledgment. If all on-calls setup their notifications to “Immediately” the paging will go through and everyone will be notified, but if one of the team’s on call acknowledges the incident - further paging stops. Because of that if personal notification settings are setup with delay and during that delay incident is acknowledged on call with that settings will not receive escalation.

The way we want it to work is: escalation policy have multiple teams that should be notified immediately, if one of the team’s on call acknowledges the alert - it stops further paging only for this particular team, paging for all other teams continue. Is it possible to setup escalation policy to work this way?

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Hi Sergey,

Thanks for your question!

Unfortunately we do not currently have a feature which would support the desired behavior as outlined in your message. I would be happy to share your feedback with the product team and let them know what you are looking for.

However, you can configure a response play which would help you to achieve the desired behavior:

  1. Keep one team on the main escalation policy.
  2. For each of the remaining teams: each of the remaining teams have their own separate schedules, corresponding to their own separate escalation policies.
  3. Create a response play: Select Notify responders other than the assignee to help resolve the incident, and then select all of the other escalation policies corresponding to the remaining teams.
  4. Add the response play to the service.

This will add the remaining escalation policies to the incident, where each on-call will have to acknowledge the incident in order to halt their specific escalation policy.

An escalation policy will escalate until one person has responded. Once one person has responded, the escalation policy will stop escalating, and no further notifications will be sent.

Hope that helps, please let us know if you have any further questions!