Email to trigger PagerDuty Incident

Is it possible to trigger an incident by sending an email to PagerDuty?

Yes! You can use the email address associated with your ruleset and route the alert to a service of your choice or you can add an email integration to a specific PagerDuty service and create incidents there.

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This is our use case:
In ServiceNow (Customer Portal), we give our customers an option to escalate a case they have open. Once they do this (checkbox), it automatically creates a case task in ServiceNow , which is assigned to a specific assignment group. This assignment group has a specific group email address which then sends an email to everyone in the group. When this case task is created, we’d like to also auto send an email to PagerDuty, so it triggers an incident.

Interesting! Are you using our standard ServiceNow PagerDuty application for normal incident integrations? It may be possible to make use of this integration to create the new PagerDuty incident (or escalate one already created) via these standard integration links instead of email and additional PagerDuty configurations.

Let me know if you may be interested in exploring this!

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I assume we’re using your standard application :slight_smile: We have our PROD instance of ServiceNow configured to an instance of PagerDuty. One of our internal groups is already setup for their use case.
I’m looking to create another use case on the same instance. I think we have a couple ways we might want to implement the use case. As mentioned before, our customers have an option on the Customer Portal to escalate a case. Once this is done, a case task is created against the case. The case task is auto assigned to our escalation manager assignment groups. It will auto send an email to this group notifying them of the case task (escalation). From here, we could maybe also send an email to PagerDuty, which would create an incident (and send SMS to on call person). Or, we could auto create an incident (with specific field values) from the case task itself, which would then start the process in creating a PagerDuty incident (and send SMS to on call person).

I definitely agree with your assessment, Mike - your options would be either setting up an email integration and adding the integration’s email address to the group of users that are currently receiving emails when a case task is created in ServiceNow, or mapping the assignment group to a service in PagerDuty, which would allow to automatically sync the records about actions taken for that incident and send notifications to the on-call person. In case you settle for the first scenario, have a look at our email integration guide. I should mention though that with email integration you would be missing out on bidirectionality and the ability to keep incidents in sync that you would get with ServiceNow integration.

Email would certainly be the “low code” way to do this and get the right team/responder notified. A richer integration might customize the PagerDuty-ServiceNow integration you have today and allow you to trigger a PagerDuty incident from the Case or Case Task directly.


Can you trigger a PagerDuty incident through a Case or Case Task? I thought PagerDuty only worked with Incident. We currently use Case Management instead of Incident, but for the current integration (with PagerDuty) for one of our groups, they are using ‘Create Incident’ option on the Case to create the Incident (that triggers PagerDuty Incident). But, that’s the only use case we’re using Incident for.

The default SNow - PagerDuty App does use the Incident table and in cases where you are using SNow CSM and Incident Management, we’d recommend the standard SNow CSM Case - Incident bridge they provide. If you didn’t want to use this or only use SNow CSM in your environment, the PagerDuty App could be customized/extended to allow similar functionality for Cases.

Just for my understanding, what do you create a SNow Case against? A company, account, other?



Case can be created against an Account/Contact. You can create a case from an Account record or Contact record. Agents can create a Case from within ServiceNow, or customers can create a Case through the ServiceNow Customer Support Portal. Is that what you’re asking?

How can PagerDuty be configured/customized to use Case instead of Incident? Do you have any information on that? We just started using PagerDuty. So, we may (most likely) have more use cases and internal groups that will want to use PagerDuty. So, being able to use PagerDuty with Case would really help.


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