Email integration - Using Outlook rules

I have a Global event rule set up to look for specific text in the Subject line of Twilio Status emails. Basically capture events that might have an affect us. The Service I use creates a low priority incident then sends an alert based on how Low Urgency events are set.
I created an outlook rule to look for the the text in the subject and then forward the email to the Global event email address. When the rule is run an event is not triggered. I see the emails in my sent folder so I know it is sent. For a test I manually forwarded the status email and that did trigger the incident and sent notifications. I have no idea why that would be, why would it work if I manually forward but not via the OutLook rule.
Is there something that I am missing or is there a better way?

The email alerts may be getting deduplicated on an already open incident, ensure you don’t have any open incidents and try again.

I have the incidents auto resolving after 10 minutes so there are not any open incidents when I run the Outlook rule. I also modified the rule to forward a copy to my email which I do get. Also check the sent folder and I see that the email was sent.

Hello Vito,

It will be easier to troubleshoot this issue if we have actual details of the alert and the specific global ruleset. For instance, if we have a timestamp of when the email was sent, we can dig into our logs to see what might have occurred.

Since we would not want you to share such account sensitive details in this public space, please can you email with them then we will go from there.

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Thank you for your support, I will send the information requested,