Documentation of effects of various log entries on "currently assigned to" list of users

Hi team,

I’m trying to understand the exact semantics of log entries. For example, if an incident is assigned to a user and escalated to the next level by timeout, is it un-assigned from the user, or is it now assigned to the user + whoever it is on the next level? What exactly is the logic for delegate_log_entry? What exactly is the logic for assign_log_entry?

I’ve been treating escalate_log_entry as “this is unassigned from everyone up to now and added to new users”, treating the assignees array as “this is the new list of entities this incident is assigned to”, but that doesn’t seem to be correct: the way our schedules are set up, there are two active users, so I see two escalate log entries with the same timestamp with one assigned user each.

Hi Max,

Delegating an incident is similar to escalating the incident, except that instead of following the current escalation path, the user can choose a new escalation policy to assign the incident to (and the escalation path will follow the new escalation policy).

If an incident is escalated due to a timeout, it is unassigned from the previous user and assigned to the next level.

In cases where multiple users are assigned an incident, each user would have their own log entries associated with being notified.

If you have any specific examples you would like us to take a look at, feel free to email us at, and we can discuss the behavior over email.