Custom field and webhook payload


I’m trying to setup a 2 way connection to my sentinel instance from PD. I have set up the connection from Sentinel to PD and I can create incidents with the API.

In order to sync back to Sentinel I’m using the webhooks. But I’m having trouble in providing a reference point for Sentinel to understand which Incident needs updating given the HTTP info that PD send to Sentinel.

I have two main questions;

  • Is there a way to create a custom field, so I can populate it with the Sentinel Incident reference ID?
  • Can that ID be send back to Sentinel in the payload of a webhook?

Another solution I was thinking about:
If the payload cannot contain custom fields, I can grab the custom field with a GET request right?

  • So I can add a custom field to an incident in PD
  • populate it with the Sentinel ID
  • When the webhook triggers in PD I can receive the PD incident ID from that info
  • Use the PD ID to send a GET request to the incident
  • Get the custom field value (with the sentinel ID) back

Hey, did you ever figure this out as i’m in the position where I’m trying to do the same. Ideally i’d like to be able to at least acknowledge and resolve incidents from pagerduty though doing it from the ms teams chat bot would be even better.