Creating P1..P5 incidents with different escalation rules (via email)

Hello all,

Just setting up PagerDuty using email integration for a POC we are running. We will in all likelihood move to using the API at a later date.

I would like to create incidents based upon the P1…P5 system, which would have differing escalation policies and different response time expectations.

Looks like I will need to create separate escalation policies and different services to achieve this so I thought to run it by the community first.


  • SQLP1 (service) using SQLP1 (escalation)
  • SQLP2 (service) using SQLP2 (escalation)

I would envisage having reusable escalation policies for other technologies, for example a service that covers “file servers” and “exchange” would likely have the same escalation rules and support rota.

Could not see how to use different escalation polices based upon tags in the email (regex)

Thanks all

Hello David,

In PagerDuty, Incidents do not get Escalated based on the Priority. Incident Priorities help the OnCall responder to decide the Incident to attend to between Incidents of the same Urgencies. More details on that here

High Urgency Incidents will get escalated but not Low Urgency ones.

However, if you do decide a particular Service would trigger only incidents with specific priorities, using say Rulesets then an escalation policy can be associated with the Service.

I hope that helps.


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Hi Chiedu,

Thanks for the quick response. I’m looking at Rulesets now as they do look like they could solve my current issue with this POC.


Great - let us know how it goes!


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Rulesets work a treat, just what we needed.