Creating a Shadow Schedule to Onboard New Employees

Some customers want to have their new employees shadow the on-call team as part of their onboarding. There are two simple ways to accomplish this:

Creating an On-Call Shadowing Schedule:

  • Create a blank schedule
  • Add the shadowing schedule to the escalation policy that these new users will be shadowing
  • As you onboard new users to your team, temporarily add them to the schedule using overrides

If you’re onboarding a lot of people simultaneously, it might be helpful to create a shadowing schedule for each team. You can automate the process of adding shifts by utilizing our API.

Having Users Temporarily Shadow an On Call Team 24/7:

  • Add the new user to your PagerDuty account
  • Locate the escalation policy that this user will be shadowing
  • Add the user directly to the appropriate level of the escalation policy
  • Remove the user once their shadowing time period ends
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