Creating a Blank Schedule

Creating a blank schedule can be helpful when you are looking to only sporadically schedule users on call using overrides.

  1. Create a new schedule and put a single user on call in the future.
  2. Save the schedule.
  3. Edit the schedule you just created.
  4. Remove the schedule layer that you just created with the user on call in the future.
  5. Save the schedule. You now have a blank schedule that you can fill out using custom overrides.
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Hi PagerDuty Community!

We want to reiterate that this is still relevant and still very useful for situations like the above, or when you’re setting up schedules where you’d like to occasionally have someone shadow someone else, etc.

To expound on the steps,

In #1, you can set a user to be on call in the future in ‘Step 3: Start time for this layer.’

In #4, when you ‘x’ out of the Layer 1, you’ll see a pop-up menu called ‘Schedule Layer Removal’. It will automatically populate the current date and time, so you just have to accept the change. A note will appear saying that the layer will be removed at that time.