Create custom action to create a incident in different service and merge

We have several different services set up, one of which is our “Everything’s On Fire” service. Right now, when an incident comes in to a normal service, that turns out to be EOF, we manually create the EOF incident, then manually merge the current incident into the EOF incident.

I want to create a custom action that does that for me.

How do I do that?

The only thing a custom incident action does is send a webhook to a destination endpoint. You’d need something to receive that, evaluate to determine it’s an EOF incident and the other incidents that are related, and then use the merge API endpoint to merge everything. We’d typically recommend the use of “smart middleware” you develop to do that, like AWS Lambda, AWS Eventbridge, etc.

Alternatively, with PagerDuty’s recent acquisition of RunDeck, their platform could facilitate doing this as well.

We already use RunDeck, so that is the avenue we would pursue. I will explore this.

BTW, this seems like a really obvious choice to be available as a response play. What’s the best way to submit a feature request?

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Via your Account Team or PagerDuty Support.

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