Connectwise Manage Integration

Connectwise Manage is our one pane of glass. No engineers check pagerduty, would be great if it integrated to ticketing and worked based on ticket status. Opening and resolving incidents based on ticket status.

Our Professional Services organization would be happy to explore options for your organization’s needs with Connectwise Manage and PagerDuty. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your account team or me directly.

Thanks, but we’ll wait on an official integration or until someone else does it better/cheaper.

Hi Joshua,

Not a worry. We have raised this as a feature request with the Product Team.
The other option would be to engage with the Professional Services Team through your
Account Manager.

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I second the Connectwise integration request. Official, not a custom integration.

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Has any progress been made on this feature request? We are currently evaluating PD and having to build a custom integration or paying PS to do it vs. having it built in would be a significant point in our evaluation.

FWIW, we ended up creating a lambda function that received the uncustomizable payload from PD, translated it to what CW needed and posted the ticket in CW. It also related the CI based on custom data in the original alert.

We too are CW. None of my techs will login except for app on phone. Really need native integration similar to OnPage. The intuitiveness of PD is much better. Need all alerts they end up on our ticket board in CW to trigger alerts and when they close in CW to auto close in PD. Responses from techs, ack, etc would create a entry in ticket for tracking. This is a requirement for us to move to PD

We’ve been asking Pagerduty for a proper Connectwise integration since we signed up in 2014. At this point I assume it’s never coming.

Yeah, I’m not really sure why be a problem they have one of the most robust and documented APIs out there and the number of their competitors have the integration set up but we really do love how intuitive in future rich PagerDuty is. Our problem is that so many of our applications that we use that report alerts or triggers that need critical response our current paging system provides that and I don’t wanna go through additional third-party is that we have failure points.