Configure Rundeck for HTTPS behind Netscaler

I have just installed Rundeck 4.8.0 community version on Redhat 9 Linux. All seems good for now, I can log into http://rundeck:4440/.

The rundeck server is behind a Netscaler.
There is a NAT and DNS entry ( that points to the netscaler IP, and the netscaler will (should) redirect to the rundeck IP. So the idea is to point to
The cert will go on the netscaler.

My question is what configuration changes do I need to make on Rundeck server to accept this traffic?
And can the Rundeck server accept both https traffic via the netscaler and http-4440 traffic from its local network …?

Much thanks in advance.

This is what I did

keytool -keystore /etc/rundeck/ssl/keystore -alias rundeck -genkey -keyalg RSA -keypass PaSsW0Rd -storepass PaSsW0Rd

cp /etc/rundeck/ssl/keystore /etc/rundeck/ssl/truststore

vi /etc/rundeck/ssl/

vi /etc/rundeck/ssl/
framework.server.port = 4443
framework.server.url = https://rundeck:4443

vi /etc/rundeck/

vi /etc/sysconfig/rundeckd
export RUNDECK_WITH_SSL=true
export RDECK_HTTPS_PORT=4443

The Netscaler is configured to forward traffic sent to, to https://rundeck:4443

I can only get to Rundeck using the URL … but it works and is good.

Ideally I would like to get to rundeck from the outside using and https://rundeck:4443 from the inside, but only the outside FQDN works. But it’s good enough for now.