Configure on-call and off-call notification rules for each escalation policy and its level

Current notifications for on-call and off-call reminders can be configured only for when and how, but they cannot be for which escalation policy and which level, so it’s noisy and need a workaround for a complex policy.

To explain our usage, our teams follow on-call schedules described similar to the next official document.

This is the escalation policy for more details.

  • Level 1: Primary person (only 1 person at a time)
  • Level 2: Secondary teams (based on their business hours. Multiple people at a time)
    • Each person is assigned for on-call hours every day on their corresponding schedule
  • Level 3: All people

This works well but notifications.
Most people do not wanna get notifications for Level 2 of this escalation policy because they’re assigned on every day.
But everyone wants to receive notifications Level 1 of this escalation policy because on-call person rotates and we wanna know when it’s gonna be.

Besides, some people are assigned to multiple escalation policies, so it’s also gonna be great if we can disable some escalation policies’ notifications as well



Thanks for reaching out on our community space and relaying your feedback on our on-call reminder notifications. Sorry to say and as you know we do not have this functionality currently available however I can see the value of this and I have shared the feedback with our product team and let them know what you are looking for.

Sorry we cannot help you out with this right now, but do let me know if you have any more questions.