Community Spotlight: Meet Ben Hutchison, the creator of LaundryDuty

Ben Hutchison (@aldaviva), a Staff Engineer who has worked at companies including KeepAndShare, Cisco, BlueJeans, and Verizon, loves connecting devices to create integrated systems. He even built a system to receive automatic push notifications with reminders when his laundry is done using PagerDuty’s Event API.

I was so curious :eyes: about this innovative project that I had to interview Ben and share this cool story with everyone! Read it here​:point_down:

:open_book: PagerDuty Blog: Meet Ben Hutchison, the creator of LaundryDuty

Ben also joined Dev Advocate Mandi Walls (@mandi.walls) in the HowToHappyHour live stream. Watch below:

We found out about Ben’s LaundryDuty open source project after he dropped this post in the forums. Share your success story with us and get the chance to be featured in PagerDuty Community content across social channels!

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