Community Meetup: On-Call Best Practices

The always-on, always-available expectations of digital services have increased the requirements of technical teams to provide response and readiness around the clock. For teams new to this concept, introducing on-call ownership can be difficult and complex.

With the right approach, being on-call doesn’t have to be a painful experience for your team. When you have a culture of collaboration, infrastructure insight, and the right tools in place, deploying an on-call workflow will create some predictability around your production systems. A good on-call program will create some containment for disruptions, provide predictable paths for escalation and resolution of incidents, and encourage application teams to take on work to fix chronic issues in your ecosystem.

Join us to hear from Mandi Walls, DevOps Advocate at PagerDuty who will be sharing on Ops Guide of best practices for going on-call, walking you through layers of resources that can make it easier and smoother for your team. She’ll be joined in conversation by Joshua Timberman, Director of Community at Sym, and Jeremiah Jenkins, Senior Engineering Manager at Gatsby while they discuss guidelines for teams just starting an incident response practice as well as those further along.

We will have time for live Q&A, as well as an open roundtable discussion for you to share your team’s best practices for on-call.