Cloudwatch events naming

This seems to be a long standing issue with PagerDuty integration with Cloudwatch alarms where the title contains non-useful information such as, “GreaterThanUpperThreshold” which is the operation used to determine if a metric should start a pagerduty event.

My current understanding is that it is not possible to modify what Cloudwatch is sending into I’ve included in an attached image. There are things like “AlarmName” which seem like PagerDuty could make use of in the page vs what it appears to be using which is “ComparisonOperator”. Also including AlarmDescription would be useful as well in the text for an alarm.

You can use our Dynamic Field Extraction and Enrichment feature to take any of that data and create a better, well configured, human readable alert/incident. Check that out here:

Alternatively, you could use a custom event transformer or application event transformer and create any alert format you desire instead of using the defaults PagerDuty provides. Similar could be an AWS Lambda in the middle that you transform the events and send what you need into PagerDuty.