Can incidents be un-merged?

Can anyone advise if there is an option to un-merge incidents if they have been accidentally merged please?
I can see there is an option to move them to a different incident completely, but I’m looking for a way to basically undo the merge.
Many thanks

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Don’t forget that the moving into a different incident essentially un-merges them, and trains our ML model not to merge them.
Also - Merging/unmerging alerts through the API will not factor into the Intelligent Alert Grouping algorithm. Only manual merges and unmerges influence the algorithm.

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Thanks Joe. This is why is was looking for an unmerge functionality, in the event that they were manually merged in error.
Support have advised that an unmerge is currently not available, but have put it forward as a feature request.

Hi Chris!

Yes, unfortunately we do not have a current way to un-merge already merged incidents, or reversing the action of a recent merged incident. My colleague from the support team has taken your feedback and submitted this as a feature request for our Product Team to review.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to if you would like to share additional feedback with us.