Can I specify a template for new incidents?

Is it possible to define a template, per Service, for an incident. I would like to define incident templates for different teams so that the person paging out always has to fill in some required information before sending the page. Of course, these are manually created incidents via the PagerDuty GUI.

Contrived example:

  • NOC team, new incident

    • Host affected
    • JIRA ticket
  • Applications team, new incident

    • Application affected
    • Host affected
    • Customer impact

I’ve tagged this as a FEATURE-REQUEST because I believe this isn’t currently possible. We can remove the tag, if it is.

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Hey Adam,

Thanks for reaching out. You are correct in your assessment that this does not currently exist - given that I’m happy to go ahead and submit this to our product team as a feature request.

Thank you!

Hi Joe, Thanks for replying. I think another member of my organization already has (Pagerduty ticket#127707). No need to file a dupe, if you can confirm this first ticket exists.

Thanks again!

Hey Adam,

I do see that request so we are good to go, thanks again!

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