Can I add additional responders through enqueue API

I have a web app that calls enqueue API to report incidents to a service.
From Pagerduty UI, there is a field in the form to fill in Add additional responders to help (optional) information to the service.
My question is, is there a field in the payload of enqueue request that I can send to include the responders information, or I have to call the add responders API after the incident has been created?


You are correct that the events API (, etc…) only accepts events and doesn’t provide a way to add responders or otherwise manipulate any incidents that may result from events that you send in. In order to do any of that, you’d need to use the REST API which requires a stricter form of authentication/authorization.

Other alternatives could include using Response Plays or Runbook Automation to add the responders, if you have access to those. One more approach to consider is that some folks set up a Lambda or similar that can accept a PagerDuty Incident Trigger webhook and add responders based on information found in the incident…

Hops this helps!