Best practice not covered in docs (that I can find)

We have notifications coming from several Nagios boxes. Each Nagios server interacts with PD via a unique API key tied to a unique service. It seems that this will prevent me from using global routing rules. I am not all that clear on the intention of Global Routing rules and how best to set this up. Here are the requirements:

  • Each server is a different client so we must be notified as to what client the message is coming from. I can send that information in a number of fields over the API but wanted to make sure that is a proper way to use the system. Looking for some help with the best way to design this.
  • Each alert can be in a different category and may route to different groups per the alert content. This seems to be working today for the individual services and I don’t want to lose this feature.
  • Will I be able to notify the Nagios server via PD integration if they all report to a single service (or small set of services) instead of the individual dedicated service per client today?
  • Is there a recommended way to set up PD to handle multiple discreet clients alerting?

Using Global Event Routing with Nagios works slightly different than the usual integration method. I recommend you take a read of the Integrating With Global Event Routing section in the Nagios Integration Guide for specific configuration steps, but this will work identically to the per-service method, and allows you to view all of your routing rules on one page instead of needing to navigate to each service to view configuration for Nagios – you’re using one integration key and all your rules are in one place.