Automation OF Service Event Rules

I have created the service(CloudWatch Integration) in PagerDuty using Terraform and now want to utilize service event rules to add actions on particular conditions.Could you please suggest me workaround for the same ? This would be great help for automation.

Hi Chandler,

If you’re hoping to set up service-level Event Rules on the service which you placed your Cloudwatch Integration on, you can do so on the Event Rules tab of that service:

Configure Event Rules For a Service

Can you say what you’re hoping to achieve with these rules or if you don’t see the option you’re looking for there?

Hi Malcolm,

I am working on automation where I have to set up service and its service-level Event Rules .For this task I am creating service in PagerDuty using Terraform resource but their is no resource in Terraform to apply service-level Event Rules.I want your help on functionality of adding or removing event rules via API (where we can apply service level event rules to filter alarms that need immediate action from those that don’t).


PagerDuty’s REST API does not have an endpoint for service-level event rules, so there isn’t currently a way to do this via the API.

We do have an API for global event rules. Here are our KB docs on global event routing as well.

Hi Everyone,

We are happy to announce that our Service Event Rules API is Generally Available. You can find the CRUD Calls nested in the Services Endpoint:{id}~1rules/post
Terraform support will be added soon. Check our terraform provider release notes for updates.