Automate Incident in Status Page

Hi PagerDuty Team,
We are company TheKey (former Home Care Assistance) and are using PagerDuty for some time and are starting to use Status Page functionality of PagerDuty, so we have a minor request.

When an Incident in PagerDuty is created it is affecting Technical Service and also a Business Service which can be seen on the Status Page we have built using PagerDuty. Example of this is Incident from the Status Page, below:

As can be seen from the example, we can by using Service Orchestrations Transformations update how the title of that Incident should look like by extracting some data from the payload of the event.
In this particular case we got an event from Datadog from the Synthetic Test called Mailgun Status Page and by using regex from the event payload we extracted which services on the Mailgun Status Page have failed and modified the title of the incident to show that information.

Below the title of the Incident is the message: “The incident is being investigated”. This message is created by default whenever an Incident occurs and it automatically impacts the Business Service.

What we would like to see is the ability to customize that message, in the similar matter how we can customize the title of the Incident, by extracting some info from the event payload. We know we can alter other event fields of the Incidents by using Transformations but even so on the Status Page only the title of the Incident would be presented and not the message we intend to display. It will always have that default value.

We know we can later manually through the UI update the message but our use case is different we would like to automatically present as much data as possible to subscribers of our Status Page, so we would kindly request for additional customization of Incidents appearing on the Status Page to be included.

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing this idea with us. The ability to apply message templates for automated incidents is in our product roadmap.

Hi Jacky, thank you for your reply.
Can you please share some info about the product roadmap or date when we can expect this feature added?

sure Stefan - this message templates feature is currently planned for one of the releases in first half of 2024.