Allow for a static phone number to be called from

Setting a static number to my profile to be called from would allow for the number to be added to my phone directory and allow the number to bypass call-screening. Right now, I have to shut it down because I get called from multiple numbers and the do not ring through because they are screened.

Hi Steven, welcome to PD Community and thanks for your input!

I added your comment to an ongoing feature request and you’ll receive email notifications when there are updates on this topic.

In the meantime, here are some suggestions and best practices you can consider:

  1. Use the Mobile App: You can receive alerts and notifications without needing to add a static number to your phone directory.
  2. Notification Settings: You can specify the notification channels (e.g., mobile push, Slack, email) and their order of preference.
  3. Call Screening Settings: If call-screening is causing problems with alerts reaching your phone, review and adjust the settings within your call-screening service to ensure that PagerDuty’s numbers are allowed through.

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Hi @steven.beckmann. You can make use of PagerDuty’s vCard for our notification numbers.

If you have installed the PagerDuty mobile app, it will also install PagerDuty’s vCard, so you can update your preferences for contacts that you allow to ring through DND.

If you don’t want to or can’t install the mobile app, you can still access the vCard, it’s in our knowledge base at