Add on-call readiness rating rating on individual user profiles

I love the technical services standards met feature I also love the on-call readiness report… But that I would really love to see is a per user on-call readiness meter located between View Audit Trail and On-Call schedule.

This would help new users with setting up their accounts to ensure they follow our standards and it would help managers quickly validate or check user settings.

Hello @StephenBourlin. Thanks for reaching out with product feedback.

In order to share this feature request with the team let me make sure I get it right.

  1. For new users setting up their accounts do you envision this being a guided experience the first time you sign in? Or something that would block access to any other feature until the user completes setup according to company standards?
  2. On-call Readiness Reports already allow managers to select their teams and validate the compliance status per user against a set of requirements defined. Are you missing any information in the reports that might be relevant for the manager?
  3. You mention a per user on-call readiness meter. Would this be visible to the user on their profile page (or maybe somewhere that is always visible to the user)? Or would this be something that would only show for the manager.

Sorry for all the questions but I just want to make sure that I have enough details on the use case to make it actionable. Thanks!