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:green_heart: Work & On-Call Life

  • Your first page - what happened and what you learned
  • Interesting implementation of PagerDuty alerting (i.e. saving rainforests, etc.)
  • Aha moments - realizations that helped you reach your goals and advance your career

:world_map: Travel Experiences

  • Places you’ve been and what you were there for (i.e. family vacay, personal getaway, going to school as a student or teacher)
  • Things you did and loved/hated, or regret not doing
  • Challenges you faced (i.e. lost passports, stories about getting lost, expensive mistakes, etc.)
  • Things you learned - about traveling, the places you went, the cultures you experienced, or as a student
  • What you taught & how you became a teacher abroad

:lower_left_paintbrush: Hobbies/Interests

  • Foodies - your top restaurants, food trucks, etc. from your travels and at home. Where would you take family, friends, or coworkers visiting your city?
  • Fitness - how does your workout compare to RBG’s?
  • Artists/Photographers - share your work and favorite tools
  • Developers - how you got into programming, where people can find your projects/published apps

:film_projector: Entertainment

  • Favorite songs/movies/shows
  • Sportsball
  • Best concert you’ve ever been to, or number of concerts you’ve been to if it’s impressively high

Hello. This is Ajinkya.

Hi PagerDuty Community, my name is Tania Gonzalez, I’m from Las Vegas NV and i work as a junior web developer. I found PagerDuty at DevWeekGlobal a few months back and have been following them since. I love all sports from football to basketball to golf. I’m a big harry potter fan. I hope to make some connections.

HI… … here is my 20 characters

Hi from Bucharest! It is nice to be here!

Hello PagerDuty. This is Taslim.

HI, PagerDuty! i’m loving all this

Hi there. Love to be here!

Hello :slight_smile:

Hello , I am Chandan from Acquia.

Hello! Nice to talk to you!

Hello from San Francisco. Very excited to meet yall here! Im an SRE based in San Francisco. Would love to connection with fellow PD users.

Hello, I’m Abhilash. Very glad to be here.

Hello Pagey buddies…glad to be here and see y’all

Hello. This is Steven Shiley.

Hello this is Toni from Chicago, super excited to learn new features. We will be ABLE TO REOPEN incidents !!! YES YES!!!

Hello there, Joel from Toronto Canada. Have been using PagerDuty for a number of years now. It has come along way! Hobbies: Classic Rock Guitarist and Bassist.

Hi, this is Puneet.
Having 12 years of Experience, All the features of PagerDuty are nice !!

Hi, this is Ankit. Working with Gap Inc and been using pagerduty for over 2 years now.

Hi my name is Laura and I’m a Project Manager and Support Ops manager at a Digital Agency. I’m based in Portland, and we recently added Pager Duty to our Support Systems after too many frustrating experiences with OpsGenie…