Ability to Nest Schedules (reference a Schedule in a Schedule)

Follow-the-sun and other complex schedules would be greatly simplified if we had the ability to reference a Schedule within another Schedule. For instance, you could create two schedules for Responders:

  • NA Team On-Call
  • Europe Team On-Call
    each of which has a Team Member on call 24x7.

Then create a third schedule which uses Time Restrictions to place each of the above schedules into a Layer.

  • NA Team On-Call restricted 1200-2400
  • Europe Team On-Call restricted 0000-1200

In situations like primary-and-fallback where you need to maintain two separate inverse schedules this would allow you to make team overrides in just one location, rather than needing to maintain two schedules.

We are considering ways to shift to 3x 8-hour shifts, but the number of schedules and inverse-schedules required in the current system would be daunting to maintain.