A few PagerDuty Checklists to help enable your users and teams

At PagerDuty, we’ve got a bunch of checklists that our new hires have to complete in order to be considered “properly onboarded” at our company. So why not create checklists for new PagerDuty users to help them get “properly onboarded” onto PagerDuty?

That’s a great question, and one that my customer poised to me. They have full ownership of PagerDuty at their company, which means they administer PD licenses and help distribute education material across their new and existing users.

But, we found that their new users–who were joining by the hundreds every month across multiple teams–didn’t seem to be properly learning some PagerDuty basics to get onboarded onto PD. They were missing the boat on some things, like not configuring their user profiles properly. We realized that we needed a more centralized document of onboarding education that could be distributed to the masses and that would be super easy to understand and follow. That’s when we thought of a checklist.

3 checklists
We created 3 checklists together:

PagerDuty 101
a checklist of all basic things that every PD user should know about

a checklist of all things that a responder–somebody who is on-call and responsible for responding to incidents–should know about

a checklist of all things that a PagerDuty team manager–somebody who is responsible for managing their team’s configuration–should know about

Our hope is that these “getting started” user enablement checklists–in combination with the PagerDuty maturity checklist–can help mass educate users in a more streamlined, efficient way to improve their PagerDuty knowledge and drive adoption of products and features that can help support them in their day-to-day operations.

For the PDF version of these checklists, click here.

To customize your own PagerDuty Getting Started and User Enablement Checklists, download this slide deck and plug in your own content.

Nice checklist, and thanks for providing this. I will direct our customers here.