2100 error when updating incident via API

Hello all,

I’m running into an issue where I am getting the following error when I try to update my incident:

“error”: {
“message”: “Not Found”,
“code”: 2100

My request looks something like this:



Accept: application/vnd.pagerduty+json;version=2
Authorization: Token token=<MY_TOKEN>
From: <MY_EMAIL>
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json


“incident”: {
“type”: “incident”,
“title”: “TEST INCIDENT”,
“service”: {
“id”: “<MY_SERVICE_ID>”,
“type”: “service_reference”
“urgency”: “low”,
“body”: {
“type”: “incident_body”,
“details”: “TEST DETAILS”

If I make this call in Postman using the PagerDuty collection of calls, it works fine. However, when I try to run the call from anywhere else, it doesn’t work.

Also, if I do the exact same Headers/Body but change the request to a create, it works (creating a new ticket).

Any idea what I could be missing here? I appreciate any help.


Hi Cam,

Can you send our support team an email at support@pagerduty.com and include the incident ID you are using as well as the last 4 characters of the API key and email address you are using for the email field?


Thanks @JosefGoodyear. I have sent support an email with more information.

In case anybody else runs into the same thing. I accidentally was trying to use a POST instead of a PUT remotely.

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