Why I can't see any incidents when the page title says "7 triggered"?


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Hi all,

See the following screen shot. The title says I have “7 triggered”, “2 acknowledged” incidents. But I couldn’t see any of them. I clicked the “7 triggered” link and the result is an empty list.

What am I missing here?

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Thanks for your post! I am not seeing the same behaviour when I checked out your account. Can you look on the top right hand side of your screen that you do not have a team filter on? If this does not solve it, as this question may contain sensitive account information, please reach out directly to support@pagerduty.com with a full screenshot and link to the page so we can take a closer look!

Kind regards,

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Hi @tsaiyl,

This can also occur if you have Incidents assigned to you which do not belong to any Team (i.e. the Escalation Policy is not bound to a Team). We have a couple of these and run into the same scenario.

Changing the Team filter (top right) to All Teams -> All Teams will display them (along with everything else - use the Assigned to: Me filter to show only these Incidents).

The Team filter is a view filter and will always filter the Incidents view (it doesn’t always filter the Analytics reports as a counter-point).


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