Why do Notes added by event rules have the first name in userlist as author?

Should they not be from some generic sources(like “Event Rules”) or the first person on the escalation policy.

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Thanks fo reaching out on our community page. I am not entirely sure what your question is referring to, but you can reach out directly on Support@pagerduty.com if you have links or examples you’d like to share that are more sensitive.


If you see this documentation : https://support.pagerduty.com/docs/event-management
or more directly, If you add a Note to an Incident via some event rules ,

Notes added by event rules will list the first account user as the author.

To my understanding and experimentation, it seems that the 1st Person in the Users List is made the author of that note. This seemed weird to me that an incident would have a note added by someone who may not be in any way related to the event and just the product owner in general. Is there a specific logic that i’m missing behind this?


It is not the Account owner but the first person listed on the list of users on the account. As to the logic behind this and a need for improvement of this feature, I will have a colleague reach out on this.


Thank you for the reply. Please update me if there is any change or information. It would be helpful to us if the logic or any updates were done before we fully incorporated the event rules into our workflow.


Thanks for your question!
I’m the Product Manager for this area of the platform. My team is in the process of making some improvements to Event Rules and this behaviour is on the list of issues to look at. Once we are done, the note will have an attribute to indicate that it was created by an event rule so that this makes more sense. Hopefully this helps and let me know if you have any more feedback about using event rules.


That would solve the issue we noticed. In a large organization it’s very confusing to have some unrelated (and may be much higher up) person’s name come up.

Replacing the name with “Event Note” or something similar would be ideal but an indicator also works in practice. Thanks for the insight.

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