Why can't we add Teams to an escalation policy?


(Rich Navis) #1

Maybe I’m missing something here, but it seems like a big miss to not be able to add a “Team” to an escalation policy. We can add Schedules, and Individual users… but no where can I find the ability to add a team to an escalation policy. Is there some conceptual reason for this omission?

(Malcolm Konner) #2

Hi Rich,

Teams in PagerDuty are intended to be used for customizing the UI so that users only see information and objects such as escalation policies, services, and incidents, relevant to them. Although teams consist of a group of users, in addition to other these other objects, it’s not intended for them to be a group of users able to be collectively assigned incidents or used directly in incident response.

We do value your feedback though in hoping that they can be used in such a way though

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(Simon Fiddaman) #4

Teams are basically a “view”.

I’d like to see a separation between “Team” (a group of users) and “View” (a UI object filter).

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