Why can't I delete a user?


(Tyler Wells) #1

You must be an account owner or admin in order to have the permissions to add/remove users.

If you have the correct permissions to remove a user but are still running into issues, it is likely because of one or more of the following:

  • Open incidents assigned to the user—these will need to be resolved before removing the user
  • The user is currently on a schedule (or schedules)—they will need to be removed from these before they can be deleted
  • The user is directly on an escalation policy—they will need to be removed from the policy before they can be deleted

Revoke a User's Access Immediately
(Jeremiah W Jenkins) #2

About 14 months ago I ran into a similar problem (and I was the admin). The solution I came up with was to delete the user through the API call.

Hope this helps.