What is the voice saying when using the "PagerDuty Alert" Ring Tone?


(Niklas Rankov) #1

Hello everyone!

I’ve just started using Pager Duty at my new workplace, and they have been discussing what the voice is actually saying.

For me, as a newcomer, I can pretty clearly hear the voice saying “Pager Duty Alert”, but they are hearing alot of other stuff, like “Pager Duty Dollars” or “Pay reviewed Dollars”…

Could you guys please help me/us with this?

Thanks alot!

(Paul) #2

I can see how it may be difficult to understand if you haven’t heard of PagerDuty before. There isn’t a way to customize alerts these at this time, but I’m sure your colleagues will get used to them after a few calls. If you would like to discuss a feature request or have other enhancement requests, we would love to hear your feedback; please send your comments to support@pagerduty.com.

(Niklas Rankov) #3

Hey Paul!

Thanks alot for the quick reply.

What I wanted to know was though, what is the voice actually officially saying?

Was I correct in that it is saying “PagerDuty Alert”?

(Paul) #4

Yes, it is indeed saying PagerDuty Alert when it calls you.

(system) #5

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