What happens to the Slack integration when authorizing user leaves?

If I’ve authorized the Slack V2 integration using my own user, what happens when I leave the company and my user is deactivated?

There are two levels of integration: the Slack organization <-> PD linkage, and the Slack integration per PD service. I want to know if both will remain active if the authorizing user is disabled in Slack and PD.


If the user is deleted from PagerDuty, nothing bad should happen as the webhook/extension will still stay configured.
PagerDuty uses a bot token to communicate into Slack, no longer a user token.

However, if the user is deleted from Slack, and they installed the app from the Slack marketplace, Slack will kill the app.

To prevent this, the user who installs the App from the Slack marketplace should be a generic user or integration user. That way, when the employee leaves, the app won’t be removed/disabled.
If the app is installed from the marketplace with a bot/integration user, even if the user is removed from Slack and PD, it will be fine.


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