Welcome! Come here often?


(Alex Maier) #1

Hello there folks. I’m Alex, and together with my colleagues here I’m working on getting this community started. We want this place to be as much about technical knowledge exchange as about the camaraderie that comes from having been in the trenches that we call DevOps.

So, I wanted to start this thread to invite you all to introduce yourselves and maybe share a bit about what you do, privately, or as a hobby. We’d love to know more about the people who make up the PagerDuty Community!

Here, let me start.

My name is Alex, and I have joined the PagerDuty team a month ago, to help build out community related programs. Before PagerDuty, I have ran user and developer communities for Google, VMware, and Fedora. Creating welcoming and useful communities is my passion, and I am intent on making this community here as awesome as can be – with your help and feedback, of course!

When I’m off-duty (see what I’ve done there?), I like driving cars fast on racetracks, taking care of my reptilian pets (seven snakes and a tortoise), my aquariums (with shrimp and snails), and my weird plants (succulents and caudiciforms). You can follow me on Twitter @lxmaier – but be prepared to see a lot of extraneous stuff in my feed!

Your turn!