Webhook event type on Incident Resolution


(Chris Ford) #1

I am customising the PagerDuty to Microsoft Teams integration that Sindre Lindstad created (porting it to AWS Lambda, and changing the card format to suit our needs), and I have bumped into a quirk in the webhook.

If I Resolve an incident but do not add a Resolution Note, then I get an incident.resolve event just as I expect.

However, if I add a Resolution Note when I am resolving the incident, then I get an incident.annotate event and no subsequent incident.resolve event. Not what I expected at all.

Is this the expected behaviour?


(Chiedu Uraih) #2

Hello Chris,

I can see that you created a ticket with the Support Team which I have responded

If it is OK, we will work to resolving the issue in the ticket.


(Malcolm Konner) #3

Hi Chris,

I had just tried to reproduce this behavior but was not able to do so and do not believe what you’re sharing with us is expected behavior. After testing, when resolving an incident and leaving an Resolution Note, I am receiving both a incident.annotate followed shortly by a incident.resolve webhook.

I wonder if they’re not populating in Azure for some reason. Can you let us know if your experience is the same when trying to reproduce when sending to a test URL like on created in Beeceptor.com?