Web hooks extensions to MatterMost


(Scott Walters) #1

We are new PD customers and have been experimenting with some of the extensions. We use Mattermost for ChatOps and have been trying to send web hooks to post incident updates to our team’s channel.

The generic web hook option isn’t in a format that can be consumed by MatterMost (results in HTTP 400 error). According to support, the Generic web hook doesn’t allow for custom formats of results either. :frowning:

Mattermost supports Slack web hooks, but the Slack extension only redirects to Slack, with no custom URL option.

I’m aware of a project on GitHub that manages this translation, I wanted to see if there was support for a native integration.

(Juraj Michálek) #2

Hi did you manage to solve this issue?

(Scott Walters) #3

No, we did not find a resolution to this. It was a Nice-To-Have feature, and we decided that it wasn’t worth pursuing.

(John Coleman) #4

We have a custom extension for Mattermost that should be ready by the end of the August early September.

(Scott Walters) #5

Thanks @john.c. This is great news.

If you are looking for beta testers…let me know.

(John Coleman) #6

Mattermost extension is in production now; we have enabled outbound events to be sent to Mattermost channel of choice! Please make requests to customer support for the PagerDuty inbound webhook that will allow for incident actions from Mattermost. The mattermost docs on the integration can be found here: https://mattermost.com/blog/mattermost-recipe-handling-incidents-with-mattermost/

(system) #7